List of abbreviations
CIO   Chief Investment Officer
CO   Code of Obligations
CO2e   Carbon dioxide equivalent
CRREM   Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor
ECIU   Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit
ESG   Environment, Social, Corporate Governance
FOEN   Swiss Federal Office for the Environment
FTE   Full-time equivalent
GDP   Gross domestic product
GHG Protocol   Greenhouse Gas Protocol
GIO   Global Infrastructure Opportunities
GPS   Group Performance System
ICMA   International Capital Market Association
ICS   Internal control system
NZE   Net Zero Emissions by 2050
ORSA   Own Risk and Solvency Assessment
PACTA   Paris Agreement Capital Transition Assessment
PAM   Proprietary Insurance Asset Management
SIA   Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects
VfU   Association for Environmental Management and Sustainability at Financial Institutions
1.5FotE   1.5 degrees Celsius Friends of the Earth