Metrics and Targets

Swiss Life works with metrics to assess climate-related risks and opportunities as well as progress towards corresponding targets in order to ensure the future resilience of its business model.

Climate-related metrics and underlying methodologies belong to a relatively young and correspondingly evolving field of research, are often complex and have limited comparability. More­over, climate-related metrics are based on assumptions and have a correspondingly inherent model risk. In addition, there is currently no broad consensus on the methodology of climate-related metrics which poses another challenge. The quality and availability of the underlying data is limited, which ultimately limits the meaningfulness of the climate-related metrics.

In order to incorporate different perspectives on climate-related matters and gain experience with the metrics and measurement methods, Swiss Life has decided to track a selection of different metrics internally. All relevant areas of the company can thus develop their knowledge around climate-related metrics and measurement methods. In its external reporting, Swiss Life is currently focusing on a subset of internally used climate-related metrics with sufficiently reliable data.