Climate Strategy

Swiss Life recognises that climate change, if left unmitigated, will have negative effects on society and the global economy. Swiss Life is committed to playing an active role in contributing to the transition towards a low-carbon economy and to the goals of the Paris Agreement. Further, Swiss Life expects increased transparency requests from stakeholders (e.g. customers, regulators, investors and employees) regarding products and services and increasing demand for sustainable products. Furthermore, Swiss Life’s investments in securities, real estate and infrastructure might be affected by the physical impacts of climate change and the transition to a low-carbon economy. Swiss Life has integrated sustainability and climate aspects into its existing risk management frameworks for the management of its business and assesses present and future climate-related risks and opportunities on a regular basis.

Swiss Life addresses the issue of climate change with a strategy combining four pillars: in the context of operational ecology, as an asset manager, as an insurer and through engagement in dedicated networks and associations.