Identification, assessment and management of sustainability factors

As part of its Group-wide sustainability programme, Swiss Life is also integrating sustainability and climate aspects into its existing risk management frameworks for the management of the business and discloses relevant aspects. The identification, assessment and management of climate-related risks – as a subcategory of sustainability factors – is embedded in both, the qualitative as well as the quantitative elements of Swiss Life’s risk management frameworks.

On the qualitative side, the identification of climate-related risks is included in the emerging risk process. Additionally, the structured processes to determine the comprehensive risk profile include climate-related aspects. Consequently, relevant information on climate-related risks and opportunities is considered in strategic decisions.

On the quantitative side, for the identification, assessment and management of climate-related risks and other sustainability factors inherent to assets, Swiss Life systematically sources and integrates sustainability-related information, such as greenhouse gas emissions and ESG ratings from external data providers. An extension of the quantitative risk management framework to systemically identify, assess and manage climate-related risks on both the asset as well as the liability side of Swiss Life’s balance sheet is currently in development.