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Economic Responsibility

Swiss Life makes an important contribution to society, both as a provider of products and services and as an employer, taxpayer and investor.

In Switzerland, the insurance sector as a whole generates gross value-added of approximately CHF 30 billion and makes a significant contribution of nearly 5% to the country’s economic output. Insurance companies use statistical means to transform hazards and uncertainties into risks that can be assessed and managed. Over the past centuries they have thus fundamentally shaped society’s view of risk: instead of being viewed as a potential loss, risks are now seen rather as an opportunity to break new ground.

However, Swiss Life’s economic contribution is much more than that.

  • Pension and insurance gaps are increasing worldwide. The impact of the rapidly ageing population and the high level of indebtedness of the pension systems in many countries are generally underestimated. The longer people live, the more responsibility they have to assume for their own provisions.
  • Swiss Life covers risks and, with its products and services, offers people the chance to focus on their skills. That allows them to look to the future with self-determination and confidence. Swiss Life’s services help people to accumulate capital, and ensure they achieve financial security.
  • Through their expertise and work, Swiss Life advisors make a key contribution to giving people a better understanding of their financial and pension situation.
  • As a long-term investor, Swiss Life also contributes to the stability of the financial centre and provides vital capital to companies and institutions.
  • Swiss Life is one of Europe’s leading institutional real estate investors and has the biggest private real estate portfolio in Switzerland. It invests several hundred million francs a year in the renovation of its properties; in doing so it helps to shape the urban landscape and create living and working space, while also being a major client for the construction industry.
  • As a taxpayer, Swiss Life makes a contribution to the economy and to society. The company ensures the tax compliance of its companies and provides transparent annual reporting with a Tax Policy and Transparency Report.
  • And as an employer, Swiss Life offers many people jobs as well as training opportunities for young people.

Swiss Life’s business thus makes a contribution to the sustainability of society. At the same time, self-determination is a basic human need and informs the company purpose of Swiss Life: Swiss Life enables people to lead a self-determined life.