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Profitability and Growth

The economic performance and long-term profitability of Swiss Life are fundamental to the success and sustainability of its corporate management.

Swiss Life’s business model is aligned to the long term. It is committed to keeping the promises made to its customers over decades. That is why sustainable, long-term investing plays a central role in the life insurance business. Swiss Life has geared its investment strategy to ensuring that the interest margin remains positive for more than three decades, even if interest rates stay low. In addition, Swiss Life has continuously developed its business in recent years. With its successful expansion of asset management for third parties, growth in advisory channels, modern products and targeted acquisitions, Swiss Life has significantly increased the contribution made by the fee business in recent years, and thus reduced its dependency on the investment result. With its presence in attractive European markets and a distribution network of over 17 000 advisors, Swiss Life enjoys a unique position in the pensions market and is therefore very well placed to continue growing profitably in the future.

Thanks to the consistent implementation of its strategy, Swiss Life has successfully completed its last four Group-wide programmes. The company has also achieved or even exceeded all its financial targets in the “Swiss Life 2021” programme, which was completed in the 2021 reporting year.

In its new Group-wide programme “Swiss Life 2024”, the company is continuing resolutely on its chosen path and is committed to deepening customer relationships, expanding advisory organisations, ensuring operational scalability and anchoring the sustainability strategy. The starting point of the Group-wide programme remains Swiss Life’s purpose of enabling people to lead a self-determined life. Swiss Life’s corporate responsibility and sustainability strategy are part of the Group-wide programme and targets for 2024. Swiss Life thus continues to create sustainable value for its stakeholder groups.

Further information on the “Swiss Life 2024” Group-wide programme and the Swiss Life Group strategy may be found in the Annual Report in the “Strategy and Brand” section.