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Political Commitment

Swiss Life cultivates an active dialogue with politicians and contributes its viewpoints, as political and regulatory conditions have a major influence on its operating environment and the pension planning of its customers. They affect product design and processes as well as the way in which information is reported to shareholders, supervisory authorities and the public.

Swiss Life is committed to promoting a competitive business location and appropriate regulation in all its markets. In this, it focuses on the most significant issues for its business areas, for example pensions and insurance, investment and asset management, real estate management, customer advice, and insurance solvency and consumer protection requirements.

The Political Communication Steering Committee set up by Swiss Life defines the strategic focus. The members of this committee are the Group CEO and the Group CFO, the CEOs of the divisions headquartered in Switzerland, the General Counsel, the Chief Risk Officer, the Head of Group Communications and Strategic Marketing, and the Head of Group Human Resources. The steering committee meets four times a year and defines its political priorities. The Swiss Life Group’s Public Affairs team is responsible for implementing the measures at operational level.