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Social Partnership

The employee-employer relationship at Swiss Life is characterised by close contact between employee representatives and the Corporate Executive Board. Since 1996, Swiss Life has had a European Works Council (pursuant to EU Directives 94/45/EC and 2009/38/EC).

The ten-person “Europa Forum”, a committee comprising delegates from four countries, meets regularly with representatives of the Corporate Executive Board at ordinary and extraordinary meetings. It deals with transnational information and consultation on topics which affect all Swiss Life employees. The focal points for 2021 were the Covid-19 pandemic, the “Swiss Life 2021” Group-wide strategy, sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and the “Swiss Life Way of Working” initiative.

Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are guaranteed by local legislation (EU Charter Art. 12, Swiss Federal Constitution Art. 23); they form the basis for internal guidelines. Collective bargaining agreements exist in France, Germany and Luxembourg (GRI 102-41).

Detailed information on social partnerships, collective bargaining agreements and works agreements at the individual companies of the Swiss Life Group.