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Insurance Business

Swiss Life offers its customers a wide range of solutions for their­financial security and future provisions. Their term often extends over many years or even decades. Taking sustainability into account in product design and underwriting is therefore crucial.

As part of its new Group-wide programme “Swiss Life 2024”, Swiss Life further developed its Group-wide approach for the integration of sustainability criteria in the insurance area during the year under review. Swiss Life’s underwriting process ensures that the insured portfolio complies with the company’s fundamental standards and values. Risk underwriting is in keeping with the regulatory requirements and with Swiss Life’s commitment to holistic and value-oriented risk management.

Life insurance and risk products make a significant contribution to a self-determined life for insured persons. Product solutions with a savings component make it possible to provide for retirement and close any gaps in coverage. Insurance against the risks of death and disability can provide an insured person’s dependants with material security or mitigate the financial impact of disability.

Moreover, these products play a significant role in occupational pensions in many developed markets. Prior to signing a contract, Swiss Life routinely evaluates sustainability factors as part of the risk assessment in addition to the medical and financial aspects. As part of its social responsibility, Swiss Life seeks to provide insurance cover for all legitimate companies and individuals. It is thus selective in the way it decides on any rejections or exclusions on the grounds of sustainability.

Swiss Life insures people and does not wish to exclude them from any relevant insurance cover because their employer falls short in terms of sustainability. If, during the risk assessment, Swiss Life identifies indications of violations of applicable laws, a lack of respect for human rights or has other reservations regarding the lawfulness of the applicant, the insurance application may be rejected following appropriate clarification with the applicant. Swiss Life continues to promote active, sustainability-related dialogue with its customers, for example in the Swiss group life business by incorporating the responsible investment approach into customer information and communication or raising awareness by conveying its sustainability approach on the various Boards of Trustees.