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People Centricity

Swiss Life puts people first in all its activities: the products and advice that it offers are geared to people’s needs. Knowing them and providing solutions for them is essential for Swiss Life to build a sustainable, long-term business relationship.

Focusing on people and enabling them to lead a self-determined life is what drives Swiss Life – in providing customer advice, in its treatment of employees and in its role in society. Fulfilling the needs of its customers is a key criterion in this regard.

Swiss Life therefore continuously assesses customer satisfaction at the key contact points. Directly following interaction, customers are asked at selected contact points about their experience, satisfaction and willingness to recommend Swiss Life. Anyone who gives a negative response is contacted within 48 hours. This enables Swiss Life to ensure it has understood the reasons for a negative review and can offer the customer a solution. Customer satisfaction is surveyed in close collaboration with an independent market research institute.

The Direct Customer Feedback programme has been continuously expanded in recent years.