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Sustainability as an Asset Owner and­ Manager

Swiss Life systematically integrates ecological and social factors and aspects of good corporate governance into the investment process. The responsible investment approach covers around 90% of assets under management. In the year under review, the existing approach was supplemented by a net-zero target for the real estate investment portfolio.

Swiss Life is an asset manager for its proprietary insurance companies and for third-party clients such as pension funds, other insurance companies and private investors. The long-term protection of customer funds and the optimal allocation of risk capital are the main objectives. Invested assets must be secure, profitable and liquid in their entirety. Due to the long-term nature of its liabilities, Swiss Life invests predominantly in fixed-income securities such as government and corporate bonds as well as real estate, equities and infrastructure. Its investment decisions have always been informed by a long-term assessment of risks and returns.

To further strengthen its commitment to responsible investing, Swiss Life has formalised its approach to integrating ESG criteria into investment and risk management processes. The resulting Responsible Investment Framework is aligned to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). Swiss Life and all its subsidiaries are fully committed to the PRI and disclose their responsible investment activities accordingly. This was recognised in the last available PRI assessment, among other things with an A+ rating in the “Strategy and Governance” module.

For the prevention of “greenwashing”, Swiss Life relies on clear and transparent communication with its stakeholders to address sustainability aspects . In the case of products in particular, it is ensured that adequate control mechanisms exist and that definitions are based, where appropriate, on established industry standards.

As a major investor, Swiss Life is committed to ensuring that direct investments in its portfolio are in line with Swiss Life’s fundamental standards and values. As a signatory to the UN Global Compact, Swiss Life is committed among other things to the fundamental principles for upholding human rights and protecting the environment.