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Specific targets up until 2024

The sustainability strategy of Swiss Life is an integral part of the new Group-wide programme “Swiss Life 2024”. To this end, the company has set out clear goals for making progress in the area of sustainability and making this measurable and transparent for stakeholder groups.

Swiss Life has expanded its targets as part of the “Swiss Life 2024” sustainability strategy. The focus is placed on those areas in which Swiss Life can exert a direct influence and generate an impact:

1. In operational ecology, CO₂ emissions per full-time employee (FTE) will be reduced by 35% by 2024 compared to 2019. This will primarily be achieved by reducing travel and the use of electricity from sustainable production. In addition, the measured, unavoidable CO₂ emissions from operational ecology will be fully neutralised by certified projects in the core European markets. As a result, Swiss Life’s business activities will be net-zero from 2022.

2. In the sphere of influence as asset owner and manager, the CO₂ intensity of real estate held directly for investment purposes will be reduced by 20% by 2030 compared to 2019. In addition, the excellent positioning of ESG integration will be further pursued as part of the responsible investment approach. This covers around 90% of all Swiss Life assets under management. Swiss Life is thus significantly better than the corresponding benchmarks in terms of the CO₂ intensity of its securities portfolio. Swiss Life aims to maintain this position over the next three years.

3. With its own products and solutions, Swiss Life will meet the growing customer demand for sustainable solutions and expand its product offering.

4. Swiss Life also wants to leverage the market strength of its advisors and consistently anchor sustainability in its advisory business. This includes the integration of sustainability aspects in the advisory process, the further development of relevant competencies and the integration of own and third-party products in the product offering.

Sustainability targets up to 2024